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  • Aum – Tao…

  • I recently finished “The Way of Zen”, and it has had a profound impact on my way of thinking. I’ve always been intrigued by the Eastern Philosophies, much more so because of the profound difference between it and Western Religions. Though after reading “The Way of Zen” I’m finding myself accepting what comes much to me with much more ease.

    I highly recommend this book, and hope it intrigues more people like it had me.

    • I´d finished reading it now. Absolutely agree with you. It can change your perceptions a let you more think about the ways in which the culture and mind seems to work.

    • Absolutely mate!!
      It’s a much stronger way of thinking then Western Culture.
      Wester Culture = Fear + Brainwashing system

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  • Trying not to swim against the flow…even though I know it…

    • Cease trying

      • wonderful response my friend

  • beautiful

  • Wonderful! After hearing it, you will not be the same! Thank you. Regine

  • Yes spent a few nights at a buddhist dharma recently very nice …..

  • Allowing the Tao into my ‘everyday’ through Qi Gong, then through the balancing act of training my own will, then through healing work, made me ready for the Alan Watts icing on the cake…many of us wander through life grasping at echoes of reality. Alan Watts’ voice brings it to us in tonic portions, on tape or on paper. The greatest joy for me is rereading or listening again, and finding more…when someone has died and yet is alive and ready to help always, in our mind and whole being, that is the greatest gift…

  • 49 seconds of alan talking.

  • Eu admiro as informações úteis que você oferece dentro de seu conteúdo. Vou marcar o seu blog e também meus filhos aqui check-up geral. Tenho a certeza theyll aprender um monte de coisas novas aqui do que ninguém!

  • salam o alaikum
    i always told my self that i was a trout {fish}
    cant help not going against the flow
    may be thts my flow
    noreen with love
    suggestions are welcome

  • His voice strong soothing and his amazing knowledge of life and its amazing energies is captivating. I love him and until yesterday I had no idea who he was. Amazing amazing man.

  • The Real You.

  • Alan Watts’ teachings may help prevent us from destroying ourselves and this world we live in.

  • dla średnio-zaawansowanych:Jedna z moich ulubionych książek. Najlepsze wprowadzenie do istoty taoizmu, która w Polsce umyka – zakryta obsesją na punkcie 5 przemian, czy tabelarycznych podziałów na yin/yang.

  • When John Lloyd recommended Alan Watts’ The Book on ‘Desert Island Discs’ it created an astonishing interest in Watts’ work. Souvenir Press also publish Alan Watts’ ‘The Tao’. The Tao is the way of mans cooperation with the natural course of the natural world, its principles can be found in the flow patterns of water. Alan Watts captures the Spirit of the Tao, the actual experience of that attitude to life. The ancient and timeless Chinese wisdom is medicine for the ills of the West but it cannot be taken as medicine but intellectually swallowed to joyously infuse our being, transforming our individual lives and through them our society. Drawing on ancient and modern sources, Watts treats the Chinese philosophy of Tao in much the same way as he did Zen Buddhism in his classic The Way of Zen. Alan Watts has been described as the best guide to the spirit of the Tao for a western readership. Including an introduction to the Chinese culture that is the foundation of the Tao this is one of Alan Watts best-loved works.

  • I just found out about Alan Watts by listening on the KPFK radio and I am very impressed.
    I will try to get in more depth and read / hear more of what he has to say.

  • Alan Watts was an incredible person. Thank you for posting this audio clip.
    He was correct: the secret in Zen is to go with the flow and to let go…or to surrender to what is…but that’s the difficult part.It doesn’t come easy…it’s always a work in progress with your own demons let’s say.

  • Hi there,

    Would I be able to use this lecture snippet in a piece of music?

  • A Cherub with a golden trumpet, how warm the sound of infinite potentiality. Consciousness celebrates itself!

    Long live Watts – 19880402#20140207#19731116 – Aliens do exist and have visited Pretoria, S.A. (self-verified pics)

    – nino

  • My first exposure to Alan Watts was listening to his Sunday morning talks, our church service, on kpfa while lying in bed with my now partner of 40 years, Franny. His wisdom has been and is a part of our lives. In one of his lectures two space and time travellers revisited our solar system and discovered that “look, its peopled” Can you help me as to which of his lectures this is a part of ? Thanks!

    Ken Bluhm

    • Hi Ken!

      The guys that did/do South Park — Trey Parker and Matt Stone — did a few Alan Watts animations. Here’s a link to all of them in one video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YgEhvZDZVg

      In this presentation it’s branded as “Appling” and starts around 1:11. I don’t know what the original title of the talk was, however, or if it ever had a title.


  • love Alan Watts teachings. as a 26 year old man i just got into Alan Watts within the last year and he was really ahead of his time. He makes you think and look at life a different way. im on his 4th book and have a few more ordered coming in soon.

    if the world revolved are his teachings and why, the world would probably be close to as perfect as you can get. functionally wise.

    • Hey Jay, I’m 24 and found it rather refreshing that young individuals like myself are out there trying to better themselves and become one with nature. What are some of the titles of the books you read, and ordered? I am going to start ordering some books, and hopefully audios in my pursuit of letting go and letting life take it’s course more naturally; don’t know where to start though haha.
      Best wishes,

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