Everything: The Alan Watts Talks

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In creating Everything, award-winning game designer and animator David OReilly (Adventure Time, Her, The External World, Mountain, Adult Swim, etc.) was inspired to use the voice of Alan Watts to guide players through a beautiful, mind-expanding universe simulation experience.  Alan’s lectures are crucial to the meditative gameplay of Everything, and are equally stunning when experienced alone. The Alan Watts Organization has compiled the full lectures used in Everything into a 10 track standalone album that delves even further into the universe and the ideas of Everything for your enjoyment.

This album includes the following talks : 

  • What is Reality?
  • We as Organism
  • So, What's the Problem? 1-2
  • On the Self 1-2
  • Way Beyond Seeking 1-2
  • Birth, Death and the Unborn 1-2

Total Length: 7 hours 28 minutes

Note: You will be downloading digital .mp3 tracks in the form of a .zip file.